Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Latest Releases - July / August 2019

Track 1: Some Gave All

Track 2: Looking Out Of the Window

Track 3: I Don't Forgive You

Track 4: The Life You Live

Track 5: Harmony

Track 6: Treading Water

Track 7: Rules & Regulations

Track 8: Look Upon Their Face

Track 9: Beautiful You Are

Track 10: Mystery Of Life

Track 11: It Ain't So Easy

It's been a productive couple of months !

If you would like to cover any of these tracks, give me  a call, let's make it happen.

The Compilation Album Project is up and running, see earlier posts, where all of our songs are listed.

Fingers Crossed that you find something you like.

Look forward to your call, Garry T.
+44 7932 664159

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