Friday, September 6, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Sept / Oct Songs

Track 1: No More Space (So much going on, how will it all fit in)

Track 2: Sacrifice (Time to give it some back)

Track 3: No City (Ain't living in no city, Du Dudu Doooooooooooooo xxx)

Track 4: Castle Walls (If the cap fits !)

Track 5: Fallen From Grace (You have to laugh when it happens !)

Track 6: On The Road (On The Road is dedicated to my best mate in Dallas, we're celebrating 50 Great Years of Fun).

Track 7: Glitter In Her Veins (Dedicated to my wife, Happy Birthday xxx).

Garry Turnbull
07932 664159
Hizdudz Records - Looking for New and Original Artists - waiting for your call.

See our older posts to listen to the full portfolio of songs that we have available.

Here's a few older tracks that are available within our portfolio:

Track A: Did I Ever Let You Know (Reassuring the loved ones !)

Track B: You Need To Know (Watch out for those who may need help)

Track C: To The Heavens Up Above (A message to those that we have lost xxx)

Track D: Looking For Retribution (We've had enough !)

Track E: Worn Out Shoes (All about Dancing at a Northern Soul All Nighter - Keep the Faith)

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