Friday, April 5, 2019

Hizdudz Records - The Compilation Project - ( Available Tracks & More )

Hizdudz Records are a brand new record label looking for new original artists. Click 'Read More'.

We invite all artists to be part of this project. Whether you decide to do your own version of one of our Hizdudz songs, or provide your own, just give us a call. We really can make this happen - to create an album (Vinyl & CD) of new up and coming artists. No cover songs accepted, we want originality.

There are no Fee's or cost to the Artist, just your time, creativity and commitment are required. A great opportunity to project yourself in the music industry.

Click any of the Links below to play the Hizdudz songs on YouTube.
(All of these songs are original to Hizdudz Records and protected by copyright).

These songs need quality vocalists, could that be you ?

Hizdudz Records Portfolio:

Track 1: The Life You Live

Track 2: Harmony

Track 3: Looking For Retribution

Track 4: Look Upon Their Face

Track 5: Treading Water

Track 6: Absolutely Crazy

Track 7: Rules & Regulations

Track 8: Responsibility

Track 9: It Ain't So Easy

Track 10: Did I Ever Let You Know

Track 11: No Panic No Fuss

Track 12: Mystery Of Life

Track 13: Beautiful You Are

Track 14: Worn Out Shoes

Track 15: New Car Smell

Track 16: Sexy Lady

Track 17: No More Decency

Track 18: Knackers Yard

Track 19: Who Wants It ? 

Track 20: Carolyn

Track 21: You Need To Know

Track 22: Vertigo

Track 23: Waiting For The Bus Remix

Track 24: Without You

Track 25: All About The Fame

Track 26: Climb All Those Mountains

Track 27: Rat Race Parliament

Track 28: People They Say To Me

Track 29: Just Hoping

Track 30: Finger Pointing

Track 31: To The Heavens

Track 32: So Many People

Track 33: Wanna Be Champions

Track 34: No One

Track 35: Talk To Me

Track 36: Get On With It

Hizdudz Records, +44 7932 664159.
Garry T.
Founder, CEO, Producer, Songwriter, Musician (but I can't sing for toffee !)

I look forward to your call.

Hizdudz Records - People They Say To Me

Just another review on the general state of affairs, where I tried to slow things down a bit.

I got the Mutron III envelope filter out again on the guitar, this time I'm playing a bass line that I've worked on for some time.

I also put the backing vocal onto the right ear to add some depth to the lyric, quite pleased with the result.

Give me a call if you would like to cover the track.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

Many Thanks, Garry T, 07932 664159

Hizdudz Records - Looking for Retribution

I'd previously used this guitar lick as a bass line on another song, so this time I decided to use it as the main guitar riff.

The lyrics are another complaint at our politicians who seem to have stolen the voice of the people and turned it into being all about them instead. I hope they suffer accordingly.

'They are the problem, we are the solution, get rid of all this nonsense' - just about sums up my feelings on the subject.

'Pretending to be caring but all the time wearing their fame and fortune along the way' - retribution indeed.

If you would like to consider using the song, give me a call.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

Enjoy, Garry T, 07932 664159

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Hizdudz Records - So Many People

I loved this particular group of loops on LaunchPad, so it was worth putting the lyric I had in mind onto it.

Meeting people is about the state of your mind rather than just being in the same room.

I've had the privilege of working around the globe, meeting people is easy, you just need respect, unfortunately this is what is usually missing.

If you would like to cover this song, just give me  a shout.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

Garry T, 07932 664159

Hizdudz Records - Did I Ever Let You Know

The song is primarily a love song, informing my beautiful wife of what life is all about, but I'm not sure if she agrees.

The rhythm guitar progression started the project, as per the start and end of the track. I decided to exclude the bass on this one and just put a lead riff on top.

I used an envelope filter (Mutron III) on both guitars just to get the twang I was looking for.

The lyrics were easy to compile 'I will do whatever it takes, none of my promises will I break' being my favourite quote from the song.

Give me a shout if you would like to cover the song.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

Garry T, 07932 664159

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Rat Race Parliament

The lyric is pretty clear. I was off sick during most of the Brexit votes and was either lucky or maybe unlucky enough to watch BBC Parliament through the various days of deliberation and voting.

Unbelievable ! the speeches, the voting etc, what a complete nightmare, these guys are supposed to be the top of the tree !

The song is dominated by the bass line, I saw it representing the mindless chaos of the voting system.

I also added a keyboard synth line to highlight the haunting reality of where we are as a nation with these clueless idiots all vying for position and power.

Sod the people - its all about them ! the Rat Race democracy.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube.

Give me  call if you would like to give the song a go.

Good Luck to us all, Garry T - 07932 664159

Hizdudz Records - You Need To Know

The song is all about getting people to look out for the chance that the men in their life may not be in a good place. I never watched Love Island, but when that young guy off the program committed suicide, in really made me think.

I tried to make the vocal part feel a bit haunting, the same for the rhythm and lead guitar.

The lyrics came together very quick, once I got the chorus sorted 'Are you Listening, Are you Watching' the rest just fell into place. One of my favourite songs.

If you would like to give the song and lyric a go, give me a call.

Many Thanks, Garry T, 07932 664159.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Wanna Be Champions

Oh how songs change when you create them. This was going to be a simple drum and bass line !

Then the rhythm section kicked in with a nice simple chord progression and then I added the lead. I forgot to take my wedding ring off while doing the bass line, it causes a knocking on the Hofner's fretboard the gets picked up. I was gonna do a retake then decided I liked it.

The lyrics are self explanatory, they simply reflect where we are, but then again, you never know !

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

Give me a shout if it takes your fancy.

Here's hoping, Garry T - 07932 664159

Hizdudz Records - Sexy Lady

So many different stories behind this song, especially getting punched in the eye and kicked on the knee, lets call them old battle wounds. Despite having exceptional good looks, it was the old moves that often won the day, particularly the wife !

Like they say, there's many ways to pull a pint, other versions are available.

The delay on the vocal really added some depth to this song.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube.

Give me a shout if you would like to do your stuff on this song.

Enjoy those Sexy Ladies - Garry T - 07932 664159

Monday, April 1, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Worn Out Shoes

This song is all about Northern Soul. I had the pleasure of the whole 'All Nighter' scene, the fashion, the staying out all night, the dancing, the songs and the smell, WOW, it was FAB !

I always remember the smell of Baby Powder. The real pros used to bring their special dancing shoes and put the powder on the floor to help them dance and slide, a great memory.

Dancing all night, to come out to the daylight the following morning, fantastic.

Dancing till dawn !

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

Contact me if you would like to cover this song.

Garry T. 07932 664159

Hizdudz Records - All About The Fame

The last track 'Responsibility' gave me a new confidence to try a new vocal style to help present the songs. The songs aren't about my vocal ability ofcourse, but a good vocal helps to present the song more professionally.

The lyric is all about what drives many people, regardless of the cost on others. I went through a redundancy process that really opened my eyes to how peoples motivation outweighs the actual requirement, their desire to seek fame.

The good news is, this all right jack attitude often leads to their own demise, how sweet that is.

I used a simple Zoom drumline, added a powerful Bass line, put in a simple guitar riff and let the lyrics do the rest. The backing vocal appears again, I couldn't help myself.

Getting a strong chorus was important, the lyric does that. Once again this song could migrate to different genre's very easily, I think it would make a great Punk song with the right vocal style.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

If you would like to give the song a try, just contact me.

Garry T. 07932 664159

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