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Friday, January 17, 2020

Hizdudz Records - 2020 Playlist (Nov 2020)

Welcome to the Hizdudz Records, our third year of music production.

All four Albums are now available on YouTube, type 'Hizdudz Playlist' in your YouTube search.

Click on the links below to listen to the Play Lists or Songs on YouTube:

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Hizdudz Records - 2019 Playlist

Individual Song Links below:

January 2021:

December 2020:

November 2020:

October 2020:
Turning Your Face

September 2020:
My True Colours
Why Not
Slippery Slope

August 2020:
Won't Be Changing My Mind
No Heart Upon Their Sleeve
Just Wait And See
Sparkling Apocalypse

July 2020:
Driving Me Around The Bend
Hoochie Coochie
Private Place

June 2020:
I Tell You That
Knocking On My Door
I Just Dream

May 2020:
Noose Around My Neck
Just Be Kind
How Do You Do
Play It Cool

April 2020:
Does Anybody Know - (LP4)
Volcano - (LP4)
Living The Lockdown - (LP4)
I Just Don't Need It - (LP4)
Come On And Get It - (LP4)
Walking Away - (LP4)

March 2020:
Is This It They Say - (LP4)
Always Been This Way - (LP4)
How We Gonna Win - (LP4)
Not In A Rush - (LP4)
Rising Everyday - (LP4)

February 2020:
What The Funk - (LP4) 
You Nothing To Me - (LP4)
No Regrets - (LP4)
Whatever It Takes - (LP4)

January 2020:
Merry-Go-Round - (LP3)
I Can't Remember - (LP3)
Motha-Sucka - (LP3)

December 2019:
Rivers To Cross -  (LP3)
Time For The Healing - (LP3)
The Reason Why - (LP3)
Face The Music - (LP3)

November 2019:
Funky Boots - (LP3)
Whoooooooo - (LP3)
Breaking Bones - (LP3)
Searching - (LP3)

October 2019:
No City - (LP2)
Sacrifice - (LP2)
No More Space
Castle Walls

September 2019:
Glitter In Her Veins - (LP2)
On The Road - (LP2)
Fallen From Grace

August 2019:
Looking Out of The Window - (LP2)
I Don't Forgive You - (LP2)
Some Gave All
The Life You Live

July 2019:
Treading Water - (LP2)
Look Upon Their Face - (LP2)
Rules & Regulations - (LP2)
Beautiful You Are

June 2019:
It Ain't So Easy - (LP2)
Absolutely Crazy - (LP2)
Mystery Of Life
Finger Pointing

May 2019:
No Panic No Fuss - (LP2)
New Car Smell
Without You

April 2019:
Looking For Retribution - (LP1)
Waiting For The Bus Remix - (LP1)
To The Heavens - (LP1)
No More Decency
Just Hoping
People They Say To Me
Climb All Those Mountains
So Many People

March 2019:
Did I Ever Let You Know - (LP1)
Worn Out Shoes - (LP1)
You Need To Know - (LP1)
Sexy Lady - (LP1)
Rat Race Parliament
Wanna Be Champions
Get On With It
Got Enough Friends

February 2019:
All About The Fame

January 2019:
Responsibility - (LP1)
Knackers Yard - (LP1)

The Best of 2018:
Carolyn - (LP1)
No One - (LP1)
Who Wants It - (LP1)
Funking Consequence
Talk To Me
You Can Stay Son
Wake Up In The Sunshine

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hizdudz Records - 2019 Showcase - New Album Cover - New Tunes.

In order to celebrate the new Album cover (we hope you like it), here's the new songs released in November / December 2019.

Track 1: Rivers To Cross (Time to think !)

Track 2: Time For The Healing (A message from the people - get it right this time)

Track 3: Face The Music (Then you can judge)

Track 4: The Reason Why (Why cant you find the Twinkle in their ?)

Track 5: Funky Boots (Get on down and dance in those funky boots) xxx

Track 6: Whoooooooo ? (Do you believe)

Track 7: Breaking Bones (He who throws stones !)

Track 8: Searching (What are we looking for)

As a lyricist & song writer, I hope you hear something that fits your style. More new songs to come soon.

A number of bands are now practising their demo tracks for the new upcoming album, don't be afraid to come and join the party.

Garry T (CEO)
+44 7932 664159

Just for the record, here's the current top five 'YouTube Views':

Number 1: Carolyn (A love song dedicated to my wife)

Number 2: Responsibility (Its all in the title)

Number 3: Worn Out Shoes (All about dancing at a Northern Soul All Nighter)

Number 4: Looking for Retribution (Trying to get them back)

Number 5: Did I Ever Let You Know (Trying to make sure she knows)

Here's our Producers Top Five songs:

Track One: No City

Track Two: Glitter In Her Veins

Track Three: Looking Out of The Window

Track Four: Sacrifice

Track Five: Treading Water

Many more songs available, please review our previous posts, all songs / lyrics are available for you to apply your own melody should you require.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Sept / Oct Songs

Track 1: No More Space (So much going on, how will it all fit in)

Track 2: Sacrifice (Time to give it some back)

Track 3: No City (Ain't living in no city, Du Dudu Doooooooooooooo xxx)

Track 4: Castle Walls (If the cap fits !)

Track 5: Fallen From Grace (You have to laugh when it happens !)

Track 6: On The Road (On The Road is dedicated to my best mate in Dallas, we're celebrating 50 Great Years of Fun).

Track 7: Glitter In Her Veins (Dedicated to my wife, Happy Birthday xxx).

Garry Turnbull
07932 664159
Hizdudz Records - Looking for New and Original Artists - waiting for your call.

See our older posts to listen to the full portfolio of songs that we have available.

Here's a few older tracks that are available within our portfolio:

Track A: Did I Ever Let You Know (Reassuring the loved ones !)

Track B: You Need To Know (Watch out for those who may need help)

Track C: To The Heavens Up Above (A message to those that we have lost xxx)

Track D: Looking For Retribution (We've had enough !)

Track E: Worn Out Shoes (All about Dancing at a Northern Soul All Nighter - Keep the Faith)

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Latest Releases - July / August 2019

Track 1: Some Gave All

Track 2: Looking Out Of the Window

Track 3: I Don't Forgive You

Track 4: The Life You Live

Track 5: Harmony

Track 6: Treading Water

Track 7: Rules & Regulations

Track 8: Look Upon Their Face

Track 9: Beautiful You Are

Track 10: Mystery Of Life

Track 11: It Ain't So Easy

It's been a productive couple of months !

If you would like to cover any of these tracks, give me  a call, let's make it happen.

The Compilation Album Project is up and running, see earlier posts, where all of our songs are listed.

Fingers Crossed that you find something you like.

Look forward to your call, Garry T.
+44 7932 664159

2023 - Hizdudz Records - Links to all Playlists on Youtube

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