Sunday, November 10, 2019

Hizdudz Records - 2019 Showcase - New Album Cover - New Tunes.

In order to celebrate the new Album cover (we hope you like it), here's the new songs released in November / December 2019.

Track 1: Rivers To Cross (Time to think !)

Track 2: Time For The Healing (A message from the people - get it right this time)

Track 3: Face The Music (Then you can judge)

Track 4: The Reason Why (Why cant you find the Twinkle in their ?)

Track 5: Funky Boots (Get on down and dance in those funky boots) xxx

Track 6: Whoooooooo ? (Do you believe)

Track 7: Breaking Bones (He who throws stones !)

Track 8: Searching (What are we looking for)

As a lyricist & song writer, I hope you hear something that fits your style. More new songs to come soon.

A number of bands are now practising their demo tracks for the new upcoming album, don't be afraid to come and join the party.

Garry T (CEO)
+44 7932 664159

Just for the record, here's the current top five 'YouTube Views':

Number 1: Carolyn (A love song dedicated to my wife)

Number 2: Responsibility (Its all in the title)

Number 3: Worn Out Shoes (All about dancing at a Northern Soul All Nighter)

Number 4: Looking for Retribution (Trying to get them back)

Number 5: Did I Ever Let You Know (Trying to make sure she knows)

Here's our Producers Top Five songs:

Track One: No City

Track Two: Glitter In Her Veins

Track Three: Looking Out of The Window

Track Four: Sacrifice

Track Five: Treading Water

Many more songs available, please review our previous posts, all songs / lyrics are available for you to apply your own melody should you require.

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