Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Funking Consequence

This song was written at a pretty turbulent time in my working career.

I styled the song after the late but great Johnny Guitar Watson, probably my most favourite funk brother of all time.

I was at war with my then CEO, another director and a commercial witch. I am very pleased to say that I played a big part in seeing them all off, thoroughly enjoying the victory and the party that followed.

This song replicates some of those issues, 'You cannot educate Pork, A Pigs a Pig, no matter what field its in' being a particularly good quote from the song. What goes around comes around ! Lets hope I taught them all a lesson in life, then again, a pigs a pig !

To the victor, we have the Funking Consequence ! get in there bonny lad.

Click Here to play the song on YouTube

I do love my Funk, especially Johnny's version.

Just type Hizdudz in your YouTube search.

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