Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Rat Race Parliament

The lyric is pretty clear. I was off sick during most of the Brexit votes and was either lucky or maybe unlucky enough to watch BBC Parliament through the various days of deliberation and voting.

Unbelievable ! the speeches, the voting etc, what a complete nightmare, these guys are supposed to be the top of the tree !

The song is dominated by the bass line, I saw it representing the mindless chaos of the voting system.

I also added a keyboard synth line to highlight the haunting reality of where we are as a nation with these clueless idiots all vying for position and power.

Sod the people - its all about them ! the Rat Race democracy.

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube.

Give me  call if you would like to give the song a go.

Good Luck to us all, Garry T - 07932 664159

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