Friday, April 5, 2019

Hizdudz Records - The Compilation Project - ( Available Tracks & More )

Hizdudz Records are a brand new record label looking for new original artists. Click 'Read More'.

We invite all artists to be part of this project. Whether you decide to do your own version of one of our Hizdudz songs, or provide your own, just give us a call. We really can make this happen - to create an album (Vinyl & CD) of new up and coming artists. No cover songs accepted, we want originality.

There are no Fee's or cost to the Artist, just your time, creativity and commitment are required. A great opportunity to project yourself in the music industry.

Click any of the Links below to play the Hizdudz songs on YouTube.
(All of these songs are original to Hizdudz Records and protected by copyright).

These songs need quality vocalists, could that be you ?

Hizdudz Records Portfolio:

Track 1: The Life You Live

Track 2: Harmony

Track 3: Looking For Retribution

Track 4: Look Upon Their Face

Track 5: Treading Water

Track 6: Absolutely Crazy

Track 7: Rules & Regulations

Track 8: Responsibility

Track 9: It Ain't So Easy

Track 10: Did I Ever Let You Know

Track 11: No Panic No Fuss

Track 12: Mystery Of Life

Track 13: Beautiful You Are

Track 14: Worn Out Shoes

Track 15: New Car Smell

Track 16: Sexy Lady

Track 17: No More Decency

Track 18: Knackers Yard

Track 19: Who Wants It ? 

Track 20: Carolyn

Track 21: You Need To Know

Track 22: Vertigo

Track 23: Waiting For The Bus Remix

Track 24: Without You

Track 25: All About The Fame

Track 26: Climb All Those Mountains

Track 27: Rat Race Parliament

Track 28: People They Say To Me

Track 29: Just Hoping

Track 30: Finger Pointing

Track 31: To The Heavens

Track 32: So Many People

Track 33: Wanna Be Champions

Track 34: No One

Track 35: Talk To Me

Track 36: Get On With It

Hizdudz Records, +44 7932 664159.
Garry T.
Founder, CEO, Producer, Songwriter, Musician (but I can't sing for toffee !)

I look forward to your call.

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