Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hizdudz Records - Who Wants It

I really love this song. There were a couple of drivers to its creation.

First - I had just purchased my new Fender Stratocaster and was desperate for it to feature on the song. A nice subtle start to my solo guitar career !

Second - I loved the organ solo loop on Launchpad, it just had to feature.

The song is a nice combination of the two. I tried singing on the track but it was awful, so I went with the vocal instead, added some reverb and ended up being please with the whole effect.

The title had a lot to do with things at work, I was at war with a couple of now 'ex employees' (I credit myself with that success).

Click HERE to listen to the song on YouTube

Contact me if you would like to consider using the track.

Garry T - 07932 664159

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